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We are a full service steel erection company with more than 25 years of steel erection experience

About Harmon Steel

Harmon Steel Inc. is a full service steel erection company, with more than 25 years of steel erection experience. Our employees have expertise in a vast array of services including:

  • Reinforcing Steel
  • Metal Deck
  • Shear Connectors
  • Structural Steel
  • Siding
  • Miscellaneous Metals
  • Railing and Ornamental Iron

Harmon Steel employees have dedicated themselves to ensuring projects are done safely and efficiently. As a union contractor signatory in Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio, HS has the labor capabilities to take on any project. Harmon Steel’s labor pool ensures that your project will be properly staffed and able to maintain the construction schedule. All projects have a dedicated project superintendent who serves as a liaison in the field.


Our leaders are some of the most recognizable names in the construction and steel industries.  They continue to pursue perfection and aim for the utmost quality in their companies' work.  They are very well respected by their colleagues and employees, and are always working to make sure their employees are treated the right way.  All three tirelessly labor to make sure their customers and partners come first.

Established in 1988, Harmon Steel (HS) was the second acquisition of the Harmon Group. Harmon Steel was founded on the tradition of excellent customer service established by the Harmon Group of companies. Harmon Steel, a full service steel erection company, has more than 25 years of steel erection experience.

We believe that in order to maximize the richness of experience and knowledge that comes from having a diverse workplace, all facets of our business need to take advantage of this resource. For this reason, we are mindful of diversity in all activities from purchasing and subcontracting opportunities to the hiring of our personnel. By doing this we hope our purchasing and hiring practices are reflective of the communities that we serve.

In an age where technology changes day to day, we value the use of effective technology support for audio/visual components, accounting software, electronic devices, project management software, and web based application services to all areas of construction. We strive to  provide fast and reliable access to all information systems.

Safe work practices are important to the success of Harmon Steel. Management drives our safety efforts and promises to provide a safe place for employees to work. Harmon Steel has held an EMR below the national average for several years and also mandates that all Field Superintendents obtain an OSHA 30 hour Certification card.

We have accrued prestigious accolades through the years, that boast us as one of the top steel companies in, not only the state of Indiana, but the United States.  We have a proud tradition of being recognized as an outstanding steel erector, and continue to pursue excellence.



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    Saxony Hospital & Physicans IU Health
    Fishers, IN
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    Riley Hospital IU Health
    Indianapolis, IN
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    Louisville Bridge State of IN/KY
    Louisville, KY
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Reinforcing Steel
  • Installation of reinforcing steel
  • Wire Mesh
  • Post-Tension cables


Metal Deck
  • Furnish Stay in Place Metal Bridge Decking
  • Install Stay in Place Metal Bridge Decking
Shear Connectors
  • Furnish and Install Shear Connectors for Bridge and Building Construction
Structural Steel
  • Erection of structural steel Buildings
  • Erection of structural steel Bridges
  • Erection of structural steel Canopies
  • Erection of structural steel Tower Cranes
  • Installation of Building siding
Miscellaneous Metals
  • Installation of Metal Stairs
  • Installation of Railing
  • Installation of Curtain Wall Framing
  • Installation of Building Renovations


Railing and Ornamental Iron
  • Stair Railing
  • Balcony Railing
  • Ornamental Rails

Joy Of Giving

Each year, the Harmon Group raises money for families in the community through The Joy of Giving.  In 2015 alone, we purchased Christmas presents for 106 children, assisted 56 families with misc. expenses including making house payments and repairs and flood and fire recovery, and made monetary donations to 10 area organizations.  Partnering with Gleaners Mobile Food Pantry, The Joy of Giving was successful in providing a turkey dinner and necessity items for over 400 families the weekend before Christmas.  In total, we raised over $61,000.

This organization has grown to become more successful than we could have imagined when it began. Before The Joy of Giving was formed, the Harmon family’s value for charitable giving led them to encourage their employees to give back to the community. In the early 1990’s, their encouragement resulted in employees pitching in money to donate to a local coordinating council.  The next year, employees raised money to help one needy family at Christmas time.  Around this time, the Harmon Group acquired Taylor Bros., and with a growing number of employees to donate, more families could be assisted.  In the following years, employees contacted schools during the Christmas season to find increasing numbers of families to help.  As this outreach continued to grow, Bill, Tom, and Willie Harmon looked for additional ways to raise money for the community.

Their efforts led to The Joy of Giving being launched as a Christmas fundraiser in 2005.  This entailed a friendly competition between the three companies (Harmon Construction, Harmon Steel, and Taylor Bros.), with the company that raised the most money being given a trophy to display in their office for the year.  The first year, the Harmon Group raised a total of about $8,000.00, and the money was matched by the owners.  This fundraiser grew rapidly over the next few years, and in 2009, over $32,000 was raised.  After 2009, we had the fortunate problem of raising too large of a sum to continue to match.  As a result, the Harmon Group realized that this success called for something even bigger than a Christmas fundraiser.

In response to the enormous growth seen in just a few years, employees worked to expand The Joy of Giving into a not-for-profit organization in 2010.  In doing so, it became a year-round effort to support families in the community.  In addition to helping around Christmas time, we are now able to assist families in situations involving illnesses, house fires, past-due bills, etc.  Another branch of our outreach is focused on sending care packages to our military personnel who are overseas.  In addition, we have started The Backpack Program in Jennings County Schools. This program provides food to last through the weekend to every child who does not have enough food to eat when they are away from school.  We have also implemented food pantries in Jennings County Middle School and High School.

The Joy of Giving has grown into an effort that is beyond what Harmon Group employees can accomplish without outside assistance.  Much of what is raised is donated by individuals and companies within the local community.  Some people who partner with the Joy of Giving do not live in the communities that are directly assisted, but they choose to give because they see the good that the organization can do. Owners of the Harmon Group now provide assistance each year by sponsoring the cost of fundraising.  This ensures that 100% of the money raised can go directly to families in need.  As The Joy of Giving continues to evolve, we thank you for your support and invite you to be a part of the exciting growth that is occurring through this organization. 


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